History 17C Lecture 06.01

History 17C Lecture 06.01 - History 17C Lecture 06.01.2011...

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History 17C Lecture 06.01.2011 9/11 and After Themes: o Attacks of Sept11th 2001, inflicted major human, material, and psychic damage on the US. They also led, indirectly to a fundamental transformation in the US Govt’s relationship with the citizens and residents o While many though by no means all of those changed have been recently repealed George W. Bush (2001-2009) o Ill-equipped to deal with the conservative tide that Reagan brought in o Hard for Clinton to ensure that a democrat would succeed him in office Clinton still popular when he left office In large part bc of his domestic scandal, it led to a republican getting office Gore would have easily defeated Bush, but in an incredibly close election; Bush won. o Domestic policies: Very conservative figure Tax cuts Helped people in the higher income brackets Brought back many of Reagan’s policies Combination of tax cuts and enormous spending due to 9/11 and Iraq war led to huge deficit Deregulation With VP Cheney Oversaw deregulation that touched all matters of industry o Foreign Policy Bush administration separated into hawks and doves Secretary of State: Colin Powell Corporate a lot with other countries Use force as a last resort Very cautious of extending American power Resisted the ideas that the hawks were promoting Hawks VP Cheney, secretary of defense (Donald Rumsfeld)
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History 17C Lecture 06.01 - History 17C Lecture 06.01.2011...

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