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History 17C Midterm Study Guide

History 17C Midterm Study Guide - History 17C Midterm Study...

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History 17C Midterm Study Guide Terms: Who, what, where, when and why does it matter A.Philip Randolph (p.813) 1941 Head of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) Promised to have 100k AA march in WA if the president didn’t eliminate discrimination in defense industries….which led to… FDR- issued Executive Order 8802 in mid-1941; authorizing the committee of Fair Employment Practices to investigate & prevent racial discrimination in employment. Significant because FDR risked offending his white allies in the South & in unions also it set a precedent for racial discrimination in employment for the future U-2 U-2 Affair (1960) o Soviet Union was aware of it but American people were not o May 1960- USSR finally succeeded in shooting down a U2 plane Pilot was given a cyanide pill Francis Gary Powers Didn’t take the cyanide pill Powers on trial in Moscow Eisenhower had to admit that he had lied One of the most embarrassing moments for Eisenhower Freedom Summer (p.906-907) 1964 Mobilized more than a thousand northern black and white college students to conduct a voter registration drive. (tried to register as many AA voters as possible in MS) Resistance was fierce especially because whites saw white women working alongside black men There was hidden resistance by the gov’t as the FBI spied on MLK March 1965- such a strong resistance to hold back a voting rights march; the incident was named “Bloody Sunday” and Pres. Johnson had to call the National Guard to protect the marchers Why was it important? – in October of that year, the Voting Rights bill was passed and as John Lewis said, they all felt that they had a part in it Committee to Defend America First 1940 A political action group that supported sending military materials to Britain; saw it as the best possible way to keep America out of the war waging in Europe Committee died out once Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and WWII began Little Rock (p.885) September 1957
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Little Rock, Arkansas There was suppose to be an integration of Central High School, but the governor sent in the Arkansas NG troops to block the enrollment of 9 black students o Later he withdrew the guards and left them to face an angry white mob TV media captured the footage and the whole nation saw the chaos Pres. Eisenhower was forced to send in regular army troops o Significance? This was the first federal military intervention in the South since Reconstruction o Said he acted to preserve the law, not to promote integration o Outraged southern leaders Bay of Pigs (p. 935-936) April 1961 o Kennedy launched “Bay of Pigs” invasion which ended in a fiasco Cuban exiles who were trained and armed by the CIA were used to invade; no uprising in Cuba occurred Kennedy refused to provide direct military support & invaders quickly fell Kennedy forced to assume responsibility for the failure This aligned Cuba even more closely w/ the Soviet Union and now
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History 17C Midterm Study Guide - History 17C Midterm Study...

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