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Midterm Paper - Different Sexual Systems and the Forces...

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Sexual systems differ in their own ways through different kinds of people and through diverse cultures. The Brazilian travestis’ sexual system is distinctive to contemporary American sexual systems on gender and sexuality. Through travestis’ eyes the sexual systems of other cultures may be offensive or it may be a system they can relate to. I argue that the sexual systems of contemporary US, of people whose identities don’t line up with their behaviors, and of transgender and transsexual people are all different yet they are all mainly shaped by forces such as societal expectations, systems of oppression, religion, and medical concepts. The sexual system in the contemporary US as represented by Slut! and popular magazines are shaped by societal expectations and by systems of oppression. In the contemporary US, females have to dress and behave in a certain way. Going against these expectations would expose them to things such as slut-bashing. Being called a slut has negative connotations that effect women mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, in popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, and Playboy promote the provocative image of women. By portraying females in this light, the media gives females the notion that it’s acceptable to dress and act in such sexual ways. However, through experiences illustrated by Tanenbaum’s Slut!, females would be criticized if they showed signs of sexuality. This sexual system is also shaped by the system of oppression. Males have greater sexual freedom than women, they get away with sexual acts that females would be called a slut for doing. This sexual double standard lets males have the upper hand when it comes to sexual system. In contemporary US, although it is supported thru medias to show female sexuality, when Eli Clare in posed in Playboy; showing that the disabled can still be sexy, she was criticized for it. Travestis would see
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Midterm Paper - Different Sexual Systems and the Forces...

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