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Popular Culture Paper

Popular Culture Paper - Sex and Romance in Popular Culture...

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Sex and Romance in Popular Culture Men and women view sex and romance in their own ways, but perceptions of these notions vary among individuals along different cultures . Men tend to have more of a sexual drive whereas women are more likely to be emotionally concerned when it comes to the ideas of sex and romance . However, whether in texts, films, or through conversations, the notions of sex and romance are constantly being shaped and reinforced . The recently produced film “Easy A” is about a high school girl named Olive whose white lie about losing her virginity coupled with alleged paid “sexual” actions leads to a rapidly degrading image of herself . Despite her experience with slut-bashing, she accepts the label to defy the socially constructed standards that have been in place . Through scenes and characters like Olive, Brandon, and Todd the movie exemplifies the message that the perceptions of sex and romance have been lost in contemporary society . Through Tanenbaum’s Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation, Foucault’s The History of Sexuality, Jane Ward’s Dude-Sex: White Masculinities and ‘Authentic’ Heterosexuality Among Dudes Who Have Sex with Dudes, along with concepts presented in lectures will all be used to analyze the scenes and characters of the recent comedic film, “ Easy A ” to support the argument that the notions of sex and romance are socially constructed in which they have changed across time and culture . The social construction of sex is something that is always evolving . In Foucault’s article, sex was something that was never talked about or heard of . It was something that was repressed where one would close their eyes and ears to even the thought
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of sex . In contrast, the construction of sex now is quite the opposite . The representation of sex in the movie “ Easy A ” is that it is something that is easily lost in today’s society . Even though Olive did not actually lose her virginity as it was allegedly portrayed, the whole school thought she did because of a rumor started by herself . The reason behind this self- rumor is that she succumbed to the peer pressure of giving her best friend what she wanted to hear . As a result of this rumor, Olive starts to experience extreme slut-bashing . In the movie Olive chooses to accept the way that people treat her, she accepts her role as a “slut” by dressing and acting provocatively . By accepting her now tarnished reputation, she starts letting boys pay her to say that they did sexual acts with her when in reality no such actions took place . She ends up regretting her actions and confesses that she has self-hate for doing it .
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