ESS 3 Midterm Review

ESS 3 Midterm Review - ESS 3 Health & Nutrition Midterm...

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Glucagon/insulin cycle o Must maintain blood glucose level Body is constantly monitoring this Pancreas job is to monitor and maintain blood glucose level Increase blood glucose level = pancreas secretes insulin = gets into the cell out of the blood Insulin makes blood glucose level drop Glucagon = released to liver o Liver releases stored glycogen into blood = raised blood glucose level o Glycogen = Majority is stored in muscle and liver but only liver can release it o Liver acts as a store house o Glucose in a storage box = glycogen o Plants store glucose as starch Eating a bunch of sugar will give u a lot of insulin; but in the long run it will give you a deficit amount. (detract from endurance) o Sugar = simple carbohydrates Starch is found in almost all carbohydrates that are derived from plants o Want carbs have to eat plants Have simple and complex carbohydrates Complex = starch, fiber, and glycogen o Starch= plant form of glucose; long chains o Fiber= same glucose units that are tied together by bonds We don’t have the enzymes to break those bonds Doesn’t have any calories Insoluble and soluble matter in terms of effects o Difference between starch and fiber are the bonds o No RDA for starch or carbohydrates
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ESS 3 Midterm Review - ESS 3 Health & Nutrition Midterm...

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