World History 2 - Chapter 36 Rape of Nanjing • What...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 36 Rape of Nanjing: • What demonstrated the horror of the war (WWII) where residents of Nanjing became victims of Japanese troops who were influenced by war passion & a sense of racial superiority • Japanese forces used methods of warfare during the invasion of China that led to the death & suffering on an unimaginable level o Aerial bombing of urban centers o Japanese soldiers raped thousands of women; burned homes, etc Anschluss: • “union” • Germany’s forced union w/Austria • Hitler justified this as an attempt to reintegrate all Germany into a single homeland • France and Britain didn’t do anything; enhanced Hitler’s rep in the German army and deepening his contempt for democracies Munich Conference: • Where European politicians consolidated appeasement • Meeting revealed how most nations outside the revisionist spheres had decided to deal w/territorial expansion by aggressive nations • British and French gov’t extracted a promise that Hitler would stop further efforts to expand German territorial claim • Goals were to keep peace in Europe • “peace in our time” – Chamberlain • In reality, it was a failure because Hitler ended up occupying Czechoslovakia Blitzkrieg: • “lightning war” • Germany’s battle tactic during WWII against Britain and France o Strictly air bombings on heavily populated metropolitan areas Operation Barbarossa: • Code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union • German military assembled the largest & most powerful invasion force in history o Captured Russian heartland; took Stalin and the Red Army by surprise • Germans underestimated Soviet personnel reserves & industrial capacity • Soviet Union received equipment from the allies o Due to the invasion going into the wintertime; soviets stopped German advances • Basically what was supposed to be a quick victory for the Germans turned out to be something much more costly and long Pearl Harbor: • Japanese planned to destroy American naval capacity in the Pacific with an attack on Pearl Harbor o...
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World History 2 - Chapter 36 Rape of Nanjing • What...

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