wh2 ch.31 - Chapter 31: Young Turks: o Aka: the Ottoman...

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Chapter 31: Young Turks: o Aka: the Ottoman Society for Union and Progress o Forced the sultan to reestablish a parliamentary gov’t and reinstate the constitution o Called for a new Turkish state and vigorously wanted reform Used newspapers to establish their message Called for universal suffrage, equality before the law, freedom of religion, free public education, secularization of state & emancipation for women o Worked to maintain Turkish hegemony o Ottoman sultans reigned but no longer ruled CRIMEAN WAR* o Military conflict between Russia and a coalition of Britain, France, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire o Clearly revealed the weakness of the Russian empire The weakness of an agrarian economy based on unfree labor o This military defeat compelled the tsarist autocracy to re-evaluate the Russian social order and undertake and extensive restructuring program Tsar Alexander II: o Proclaimed “its better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait until serfs begin to liberate themselves from below” (abolished serfdom) o Sought to balance the interests of lords and serfs o Signed the Treaty of Paris to end the Crimean War o Encouraged industrialization to strengthen the empire Revolution of 1905: o Group of workers marched to tsar’s winter palace & petitioned the tsar for popularly elected assembly Tsar responded with violence called Blood Sunday Massacre Caused angry uproar of labor unrest, student demonstrations, peasant
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wh2 ch.31 - Chapter 31: Young Turks: o Aka: the Ottoman...

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