WH2 ch. 27 - Chapter 27 The Islamic Empires(1500-1800...

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Chapter 27 : The Islamic Empires (1500-1800) Ottoman Empire o An unusually successful frontier state o Osman Bey founded the Ottoman empire Fall of the empire in 1923 o Osman and his followers sought above all to become ghazi (Muslim religious warriors) o Ottoman Expansion On the border of the Byzantium empire; great opportunity to wage war 1352- they established a foothold in Europe when they seized Gallipoli Warriors settled in the frontier districts and pushed their boundaries forward o Created a supremely important force composed of slave troops Devshirme: ottomans required Christian populations of the Balkans to contribute young boys to serve the sultan Had to receive special trainging, learned Turkish, and converted to Islam Became soldiers = Janissaries Mehmed the Conqueror o Mehmed II: reigned 1451-1481 Captured Constantinople o Opened a new chapter in the Ottoman expansion o Constantinople became the new Ottoman capital He worked hard to make it an important commercial center Proved himself to be a true emperor, ruler of “two lands” (Europe and asia) and the “two seas” (Black sea and the Mediterranean) Laid the foundation for tightly centralized, absolute monarchy, and faced no serious rival
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WH2 ch. 27 - Chapter 27 The Islamic Empires(1500-1800...

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