wh2 ch. 37 - Chapter 37 Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Leader of the...

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Chapter 37 Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Leader of the Muslim League Wanted to freely express Muslim concerns & desires for a separate Muslim state Promoted cooperation of many Muslim and Hindus to overcome British rule Formulated reasons why Muslims deserved & constituted their own nation Jawaharlal Nehru: Congress party leader that urged all Indians to act & feel as one nation, undivided o Emphasized religious over national identity Vietnam War: Aka: “Vietnam’s American War” Unified VN under a communist gov’t War on N. Vietnam(communist w/Ho Chi Minh as leader) against S. Vietnam w/US help (Republic) US involvement in the VN war was costly Nixon pledged to end the war o Strategy = turn the war over to S. VN (Vietnaminzation) o Extended the war into Cambodia by bombing & invading Continuously bombed N. VN but US troops gradually withdrew Ended w/negotiations @ the Paris Peace Accords o N.VN won w/the military defeat of S. VN and w/national reunification Ho Chi Minh: Leader of N.VN; one of SE Asia’s most influential communist leader Exploited war time conditions to advance the cause of Vietnamese Independence The VN resistance forces, led by him, took the countryside and used guerilla warfare Balfour Declaration: Stated that the British gov’t committed itself to the support of a homeland for Jews in Palestine o Commitment engendered by Zionist movement Supported the dream of Zionists to return to Palestine (original Jewish homeland) British limited migration & settlement of Jews & promised to protect the Arab’s political and economic rights Israel: UN divided Palestine into 2 states o Civil war broke out: Arab & Jewish troops battled each other as British withdrew
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wh2 ch. 37 - Chapter 37 Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Leader of the...

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