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anthropology notes - ANTHROPOLOGY The study of people...

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ANTHROPOLOGY The study of people Bioculture approach -interaction between biology and culturally (genetic- ally and what they learn behaviorally) Holistic- look at the complete system (whole) -look at people entirety Anthropologist- are comparative, they make comparison to understand, not judge Ethnocentric- centered on a specific ethnic group-usually on one’s own ideas ( you value yours instead of the others, yours is better) Cultural “Relativism” (perspective)- look at the cultural on its own stand- ards -not yours Feildwork- all anthropologist do feildwork, you do research,collecting data, it can be museum or laboratory, not necessarily going out. Four subfeilds: 1- linguistic anthropologist -refers to language and focuses on how they communicate with others. They may even study the origins of lan- guage. 2- cultural anthropology -(socioculture)-learned behavior that is dis- tinct, passed down through generation and its evolutionary (it changes). about 5,000 years different people groups on the planet you can specify: politically, medical, economic, etc. 3- Archaeology - the study of old things. they study the past based on material remains of a culture ex. historic or prehistoric, contract archaeologist-stop building and un- cover where they were digging 4- Biological/physical anthropology -study people from biologically and cultural variation; physical is the study of humans biological evolution past and present and primates -human variation-where did it come from -primatology -paleoanthropology-fossil record American Anthropolgy Franz Boas - the father of american anthropology -he believed it was important to involve all characteristics of humans -the four field approach dates back to him -he trained first generation of anthropologist
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anthropology notes - ANTHROPOLOGY The study of people...

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