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Chapter 19 Midas et vis Aurea Midas great king of Phrygia, did not have great wisdom. Because Midas was kind to the king to the god Bacchus, Bacchus gave him a gift. “ Whatever you desire,” said the god, “ I will give it to you.” Therefore the king in this way begs only for: “Whatever touches my body, changes into gold, I pray. This I desire very much.” This gift was given by the god to the king, but because he had ask for that gift he was very sad. The king however was not sad, but very happy, he eagerly attempted the new gift. He touches one thing and another thing with his finger; he scarcely believes his fortune. It is true. When he picks the green branch from the tree, Midas holds a gold branch in his hands, The stone also changes into gold when he touches it with his hands. Also the gifts of Ceris having been picked are transformed into gold. The fruit, which he picked from the tree, now is a golden fruit. When he places his fingers on the high door post in the palace, the door post seems to shine. When he washed his hands in liquid water, the water
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