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Soma Feldmar English 201 Fall 2011 Assignment #4: Annotated Bibliography as Research Wiki This assignment serves two basic functions: 1) to allow you more time for research and to demonstrate your engagement with, knowledge, and understanding of the sources you intend to use in your Researched Argument Paper 2) to provide you with valuable experience for, and skill sets to, formally present information, ideas, sources, and connections in a digital space. The paper length of the assignment is 4-6 pages , which you will Peer Review in class. You will not be submitting a paper version, but I will check that you have a draft for Peer Review Please keep in mind that this page limit may affect how long and detailed your annotations can be. The way in which you present your information digitally will be largely up to you. As a class, we will investigate Wiki design and what the options are, in terms of links, uploading images, videos, and audio, linking from the home page to other pages with more information, and of
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