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Your last name 1 Your full name The date you wrote it The class and section My name Your Stunning Title This is what the first page of the writing you hand in should look like, whether or not it’s a draft, a homework assignment or a final paper. I am doing this so you know what I want in terms of spacing, font, location of info, etc. Please make sure you follow this exactly. If you’re not sure how, find out how from one of your classmates or ask me. Don’t forget to put your name in, change the last name in the header to your last name, and put the right date and title on what you write (don’t forget to date your drafts differently, based on when you write them). There are 1 inch margins all around, the font is Times New Roman, and it’s size 12. There are no extra spaces before or after paragraphs (you’ll have to change this in the new Microsoft Word), and the four lines of info on the top left are single spaced. The other things to notice are the page
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Unformatted text preview: number in the header, and the indent of the first line of the paragraph, which is a ½ inch. Here is what it looks like when there are no extra spaces between paragraphs. Please also notice that the title is not underlined, it’s not in bold, and it look no different than the type in the paragraph. Oh, and when you’re inserting the page number in the header, make sure you use the insert function for the page number. If you just type a ‘1’ every page will be #1; you actually have to insert a page number so it knows to increase the number for each page. Aside from that, you will most likely have to change the margins, most word processing programs have a 1 ¼ inch margin as default, and certainly with Microsoft Word, you will have to change the font as well. You may want to simply reset the defaults on your word processing program to these specifications so you no longer have to think about it for our class. It’s up to you....
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