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Summary Guidelines

Summary Guidelines - Soma Feldmar English 201 Fall 2011...

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Soma Feldmar English 201 Fall 2011 Summary Guidelines A summary is a condensation of a text, which manages to convey the information written in the text in your own words. A good summary shows that its writer has a fluent understanding of the text being summarized. 1. a summary presupposes absence. The writer of a summary should assume his or her audience does not have access to the thing being summarized, and so should try to be as clear as possible in communicating the information contained in the text being summarized. 2. A summary should have a clear statement of the main idea of the text being summarized. This is very similar to having a thesis in an interpretive essay. 3. A good summary organizes its information from most important to least important, so begin by figuring out what is important, and what is not, about the text you’re summarizing. 4. A good summary requires careful planning. Spend some time planning and prewriting before drafting a summary.
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