Soc of Life Course Syllabus FA 2011(1)-2

Soc of Life Course Syllabus FA 2011(1)-2 - The Sociology of...

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The Sociology of the Life Course SOC 308 FALL 2011 205 NSC TR 9:30-10:50 AM Instructor: Kristen Schultz Lee, PhD TA: Sarah Glann Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Phone: 645-8469 *EMAIL PREFERRED* Office: 453 Park Hall Office: 452 Park Hall Office Hours: TH 2-3 PM and by appointment Office hours: FR 11-12 and by appointment Overview: This course is an introduction to the theories and research associated with the life course perspective in sociology. This perspective was developed in the 1960s and 1970s out of a desire to integrate biography and history in response to dissatisfaction with the prevailing structural and temporal approaches in sociology. The life course perspective incorporates a life-long perspective on human development, in recognition of the developmental processes undergone by individuals throughout their lives, and emphasizes the continuities that exist between early-life circumstances and later-life outcomes. The life course framework is based on four central themes: the intersection of history and biography, the salience of links to significant others and between different life domains (e.g. work, family), the role of individuals in shaping their own life trajectories within social constraints, and the significance of the timing of events in one’s life. The life course perspective is inter-disciplinary in nature covering a broad range of substantive research topics from biomedical analyses of the timing of the onset of specific diseases to qualitative examinations of the meaning of sibling relationships in shaping an individual’s life path. This course will provide an overview of the principles of the life course perspective and of some of the life course research being conducted (primarily by family sociologists). More importantly, it will provide a new way of thinking about, and critically examining, social phenomena. Objectives: *To understand the principles of the life course perspective. *To develop higher-order thinking skills in analyzing and critiquing sociological theory and empirical analyses. In particular, to understand the potential limitations of cross- sectional research and research conducted without attention to historical context, links between lives, and other elements of the life course perspective. *To learn about research conducted from a life course perspective and to compare its strengths and weaknesses with non-life course research dealing with similar topics. *To participate with your peers in small group and class discussions to review the readings, relate them to other course readings, and to critically analyze the arguments presented. Requirements:
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1. Class participation: 15% Attendance: 10% Participation in class discussions and group discussions. (Group members will assess your participation in group activities. If you receive full credit from your group members, you will receive the full 5 participation points. Lower group participation scores can be boosted by class participation.): 5%
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Soc of Life Course Syllabus FA 2011(1)-2 - The Sociology of...

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