How to make a graph in Excel 2003-1

How to make a graph in Excel 2003-1 - You will be given...

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In excel, enter your data. Column A will be the horizontal (x) axis and column B will be the vertical (y) axis. Highlight both columns and click the chart wizard button. It is on a toolbar near the top of the screen, and looks like a little bar graph. When the chart wizard window comes up, pick chart type XY (scatter), than click ‘next’. At the next window (Chart Wizard 2 of 4), click ‘next.’ At Chart wizard step 3 of 4, you can label the axes of your graph.
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After that step, click ‘finish.’ You should than see your graph. Click on the box that has ‘series 1’ written and delete it. Next, click on one of the data points. This should highlight all the data points. From there, right click on a data point and go to ‘add trendline.’
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Unformatted text preview: You will be given several options for the type of trendline you want to fit to your data. The spectroscopy lab (fall semester) and Hubble Red Shift lab (spring semester) both use a linear best fit line. Next go to the tab labeled ‘options’. Click on ‘display equation’ and ‘display R-squared value’. The R-Squared option is a measure of how well the data points fit the trendline. R 2 = 1 is a perfect fit. If you know that the graph should pass through a certain point on the vertical axis, than you can set the trendline to pass through that point as well by checking ‘set intercept =’ (and whatever value the graph should have at x = 0). If you have any questions, feel free to email or stop by any of our office hours....
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How to make a graph in Excel 2003-1 - You will be given...

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