ENB215-T1-S1-2004 - 1 Student Number Surname Given Name/s...

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MMB281 T1.041 1 Student Number Surname Given Name/s Examination Paper SEMESTER: One, 2004 UNIT: MMB281 FUNDAMENTALS OF MECHANICAL DESIGN DURATION OF EXAMINATION: PERUSAL: 10 MINUTES WORKING: 3 HOURS EXAMINATION MATERIALS SUPPLIED BY THE UNIVERSITY: EXAMINATION BOOKLETS EXAMINATION MATERIALS SUPPLIED BY STUDENTS: STATIONARY (ball pen, pencils, ruler, eraser); CALCULATOR INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: Notes may be made on the examination paper during perusal time. However, writing is not permitted on examination booklets until such time as the invigilator so authorises. Questions have different value. Attempt all questions to gain maximum possible mark. This is a closed book examination with permission to use course notes “Mechanical engineering design” Parts I and II, by Dr. V.Kosse, as well as printed handouts. All answers must be written by a ball pen (black or dark blue colour). Answers written by pencil will not be accepted and will be marked as “zero” result . Pencil can be used for sketching and drawing diagrams. It is not recommended to use coloured ball pen. Colours can only be used on diagrams, for example, to distinguish between bending moments and twisting moments diagrams, or to mark force vectors (except read colour). It is not allowed to use colour ball pen to write text answers.
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MMB281 T1.041
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ENB215-T1-S1-2004 - 1 Student Number Surname Given Name/s...

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