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SPE 113

SPE 113 - SPE 113-49"Ubu Rock is an outrageous satire a...

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SPE 113-49 “Ubu Rock” is an outrageous satire, a hilarious commentary on everything from unbridled political ambition and political correctness to the war in Bosnia. The show was about Pa Ubu, a low-life who plots to kill everyone and take over the world. Together with his wife Ma Ubu, they try to be filthy rich. “Ubu Rock” was an entertaining and provocative production. It's a song-and- dance nightmare vision played out brilliantly, bringing out the best in the company. At first, I was rather shocked because of the constant use of profanity thrown left and right. I loved how hysterical some parts were. Also, I was impressed with how creative the lack
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