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SIMPSON immigration reform and control act bills main provisions 1. employer sanctions, prohibiting the knowing hiring of illegal aliens 2.the creation of more secure worker verification system 3. increased enforcement of existing immigration laws at the border and interior 4. a legalization program for a portion of those persons currently living in the U.S. in an illegal status employer sanctions are at the heart of any effort to control illegal immigration -remove the incentive of jobs to slow illegal immigration -monetary punishment to employers for hiring illegal immigrants more secure worker verification system - allow employers to have the confidence that their new emplotees
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Unformatted text preview: are authorized to work in the U.S. -ensure that employers do not discriminate against foreign looking or foreign sounding people by the fear of sanctions- employers examine the documents of new employees and to record the pertinent information-require employers to check the documents of all new hires citizens and alien alike increase in border patrol and other enforcement activities of INS is necessary to prevent the future entry of illegal aliens-additional 200 million to the INS to enforce this bill legal status to a portion of those who are currently here illegally lower wages with IRCA special foreign workers program...
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