bus515 2 - Quality Assurance Quality is defined as all...

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Quality Assurance Quality is defined as all elements of a product that add value for the customers and investors or are required by a product or service to meet appropriate standards and regulations. Quality assurance is any and all activities and events especially events that cut across departments that we do to make sure that we do our quality work right. It includes actions to appraise and improve process, re-engineer work to eliminate unnecessary processes or steps, ensure effective communication and common understand (Kemp, 2006). A quality assurance process includes a plan for improvement, you implementing the plan and documents all the changes mad and collects data, now you study the data you have collected to see if you are receiving your desired results. Finally you are at the act stage where you implement the plan throughout the company if you achieved your anticipated results (Kemp, 2006). A quality assurance process for a restaurant would be required to first have eminence and valuable foods because no one likes to go out to eat and have poor quality food. For example, the process for a fast food restaurant should be first to have fresh ingredients, the bread should not be old and hard and the meat should not have been cooked all day. Secondly, the customers should receive their products in a convenient time; they should not have to wait in line all day in a fast food establishment. Last when they send the product out to the customer the product should be hot and fresh and above neat and not thrown together poorly and careless like they were in a rush. Internal measures of service quality are typically indicators of progress towards a mission derived and monitored by administrators. These performance assessments are associated with certain service functions and often implemented as a series of specific performance measures
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bus515 2 - Quality Assurance Quality is defined as all...

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