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case study northeast state university - Case: Northeast...

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Case: Northeast State University Dr. Bay used work sampling to determine the labor that the administrative assistant was doing. Work sampling is broadly defined as the application of statistical sampling techniques to the study of work activities. In the audit context, work sampling is typically used to estimate the proportion of workers' time that is devoted to different elements of work activity. Work sampling is also known as activity sampling. It can be also used to estimate equipment or vehicle utilization (DCAA Contract Audit Manual, 2009). He can use the information to determine what direction and route that the administrative assistants need to go in to improve and develop their daily work. He can also look at different areas in the sampling to regulate their fragile and durable points and accomplish what need to be done for improvement. There are many advantages for using this technique. Sampling is less expensive than continuous observation techniques. Observers with minimal specialized training can conduct the sampling. The number of observations can be adjusted to meet desired levels of precision. Sampling is an effective means of collecting facts that would not normally be collected by other means.
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Sampling results in less anxiety and agitation among workers than continuous observation. There is minimal interference with the worker's normal routine ((DCAA Contract Audit Manual, 2009). Administrative assistant or secretary is a job with many
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case study northeast state university - Case: Northeast...

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