EDU675 1st week ass.[1]

EDU675 1st week ass.[1] - EDU675: 1sttweek Ass....

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EDU675: 1sttweek Ass. Professional Development and Research From Figure 2 of your text, Differentiated instructional strategies in practice , answer the following questions in a 3-5-page paper: a. What does Figure 2 (Joyce and Showers, 1995) research mean to you? b. How is this research applicable to your work setting? c. How does professional development in your work setting take into account this research? If it doesn’t, explain. d. What implications does this research have when designing professional development opportunities? Integrate other research you have found on professional development with appropriate references within your discussion. Level of impact components of training Awareness plus concept understanding Skill attainment Application/problem solving Presentation of theory 85% 15% 5- 10% Modeling 85% 15% 5-10% Practice and low risk feedback 85% 80% 10-15% Coaching study teams peer visits 90% 90% 80-90% It shows how much a teacher takes away from these kinds of trainings and apply to the classroom "Figure 2 gives the percentages of skill attainment, application and awareness, component that can be utilized for staff development training. What this means to me is that the best outcome Coaching, study teams, peer visiting, collaboration. From the table I also see that application has very low scores. In my work place it is very disappointing staff development isn’t taken into consideration. Most of the information that we receive is geared to Kindergarten and 1 st grade and we work with Head start students. Professional development that we have most
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EDU675 1st week ass.[1] - EDU675: 1sttweek Ass....

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