Using assessment and feed back Ass_3[1]

Using assessment and feed back Ass_3[1] - Using assessment...

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Using assessment and feedback Ass#3 Assessment is often referred to as the gathering of data, evaluation is the judging of merits, and grading is assigning values to letters or numbers for reporting purposes (Rolheiser, The book defines assessment as gathering of data. Differentiated Instruction is rooted in assessments. A teacher who recognizes the need for learning and teaching to be proficient for students, looks for all opportunity to know her students better. Teachers see conversation with individuals, classroom discussion, student work, observation, and formal assessments as a way to gather information about what works for each learner. What teachers learn becomes a method for creating instruction in ways that help each student benefit from his/her abilities and talents. Assessments are no longer the protocol at the end of a learning to determine “who got it.” In a differentiated classroom (Gregory& Chapman, 2002) suggest that assessments are ongoing: Pre-assessment : When teaching with high achievement as a goal, one important aspect of assessing learners is finding out what the students already know. This knowledge is based on their prior learning and experiences. By doing a pre-assessment of knowledge, teachers can plan curriculum and designs instruction to meet the needs of the total class as well as individuals. Pre assessment strategies are: squaring off, boxing, yes/no cards and graffiti facts. Assessment during learning : As students are working, the teacher needs to offer opportunities for feedback from teachers, from peers, and through self-reflection. This is an informal situation which gives time to correct misconceptions, incorrect information, and skill development. Strategies that are
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Using assessment and feed back Ass_3[1] - Using assessment...

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