Using Assessment and Feedback

Using Assessment and Feedback - Using Assessment and...

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Using Assessment and Feedback Everyone is diverse and learns in different ways. Every student is the not the same. Established on this knowledge, differentiated instruction applies a method to teaching and learning that gives students numerous options and opportunities for compelling in information and making sense of ideas. Differentiated instruction is a teaching theory based on the principle and idea that instructional tactics should contrast and be adapted in relative to individual and diverse students in classrooms (Tomlinson, 2001). Test and assessment are used to gather information to determine what the student is learning and what skills needs improvement. Assessment is often referred to as the gathering of data. Assessment as ongoing feedback is a necessary component of the learning process, not something that happens at the end of learning. It has been said that feedback is often too little, too late, too vague, presented in the wrong form, and therefore lacking in impact (Jensen, 1998a, p. 54). Our challenge is to find ways to facilitate ongoing feedback for students that will increase their chances to grow and improve their learning. In differentiated learning the impact of assessment can have a positive improvement in the student learning by improving their
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Using Assessment and Feedback - Using Assessment and...

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