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Create and submit a table that lists at least ten (10) instructional technologies (i.e. computer software, assistive technology, digital technology, audiovisual, etc.) that you think may solve the identified problem/issue for your final project. Your table should include the following information: Name of tool Link to tool (reference, hyperlink, etc.) Purpose of tool Intended audience Cost to district/corporatio n Books on tapes http://www.ehow.com/list_6374820_t ypes-technology-devices-used- classrooms.html http://www.disabilityresource.uic.edu/ %20on%20Tape Students who struggle with reading can benefit from the use of books on tape. Use a professionally recorded version of the text book or novel you are discussing in class, or ask a fluent reader to read the text and create a digital recording. Provide students who need this accommodation with headphones so that they can listen to the oral reading as they move through the assigned texts Learning Disability in Reading Vision Problems 1.Utilizing loan services Book Loan Information 2.Contacting the publisher to see if they would be willing to provide a book in an accessible format. 3.Volunteer readers who read the book onto a tape recorder, which is then given to the student. Volunteer readers can be paid, unpaid, given a stipend or given compensation, such as a book certificate to the school bookstore. Voice amplifiers http://www.ehow.com/list_6374820_t ypes-technology-devices-used- classrooms.html http://www.soundbytes.com/page/SB/ CTGY/portable-voice-amplifiers These tools fit in the ear and increase the volume of spoken words and ambient sounds within the classroom. This boosted volume can make it possible for a student who lacks the
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westbrooks - Create and submit a table that lists at least...

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