final exam about God's existence

final exam about God's existence - Hanifa Ayunisa Final...

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Hanifa Ayunisa Final Exam PL 201 Can God’s existence be proven with certainty? For this question, you may compare the “proofs” of Descartes and Thomas Aquinas and indicate whether Descartes’ certainty or Aquinas’ doubt seems more plausible. (Philosophy of Religion Issue) During the middle ages, there are two philosophers who have different ways to explain their point of view about God’s existence. Rene Descartes, a French philosopher states that God’s existence can be proven with certainty by using the ontological argument, while another philosopher from Italy, Thomas Aquinas states that he needs to learn about God’s existence from some reason and observation. The foundationalist Descartes seeks certainty for his belief in God and claims to find such certainty in a proof from the history of ideas. This proof has come to be known as the ontological proof. Descartes tries to support a theistic view with his radical foundationalism. Descartes asks himself whether there is any room for value in a world of scientific fact. He is looking for a way to preserve the personal and the moral in an impersonal world of scientific fact. Descartes regards religion as the source of morality, and he tries to find a place for both religion and science. Descartes also often compares the ontological argument to a geometric
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final exam about God's existence - Hanifa Ayunisa Final...

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