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Supplementary Notes - Human Resource Management - Job Design I. Human Resource Management (HRM) involves attracting, developing, and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce to support organizational mission, objectives and strategies. Three major roles involve in HRM: A. Attracting a quality workforce: It involves HR planning, recruitment and selection. B. Developing a quality workforce: Company is responsible for employee orientation, training and development, and career planning and development. C. Maintaining a quality workplace: Manage employee retention and turnover, performance appraisal and compensation and benefits. II. Job Design It is in many ways an exercise in “fit”. Good job design helps avoid problems, improve productivity, and enhance employees well being. Four approaches to job design are: A. Scientific Management : It emphasizes on work simplification with limited number of tasks, and each task is scientifically specified so that the worker is not required to think or deliberate. B.
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Supplementary_Notes_HRM_and_Job_Design - Supplementary...

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