Ch.4 - Chapter 4 Attitudes Emotions Ethics Learning Points...

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Chapter 4 Learning Points: 1. Individual differences affect behavior in organizations. 2. Attitudes, emotions, and ethics combine with personality, perception, and attribution to make people unique. 3. Individual uniqueness is a major managerial challenge, and it is one reason there is no single best way to manage people. A. (a) Attitude : P.108 A psychological tendency expressed by evaluating an entity (a person, an object or situations) with some degree of favor or disfavor (usually refer to animals, coworkers, colleagues, your own appearance, religion and politics). (b) Attitude includes 3 components (ABC Model) (1) Affect (Emotion/feeling) It is measured by physiological indicators, such as skin response or blood pressure (skin turns red, high blood pressure if you are angry or dislike something). (2) Behavioral Intentions Intention to behave according to your attitude. e.g. If your attitude toward women in management is positive, then you (3) Cognition (thought) It refers to a person’s perceptions or beliefs . e.g. “I believe women who smoke are bad.” reflects the cognitive component of an attitude. P. 1
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B. Cognitive Dissonance (clash) A state of tension that is produced when an individual experiences conflict between attitudes and behavior. e.g. A salesman is required to sell damaged TV for full retail price, without telling the truth to customers. This creates conflict : concealing information is unethical (attitude) but has to sell defective TV (behavior). What will the salesman do in order to reduce this tension? Managers should do
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Ch.4 - Chapter 4 Attitudes Emotions Ethics Learning Points...

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