Ch.8 - Chapter 8 Communication Learning Points 1...

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Chapter 8 Communication Learning Points: 1. Communication is a major portion of a manager’s job. 2. There is much potential for distortion in the communication process. Therefore, it’s best to assume that any communication also involves a partial misunderstanding. Requesting and giving feedback on the message is one way to ensure that the message received is the intended message. 3. Meaning lies in people, not in words. 4. The better the relationship, the better the communications. 5. Self-disclosure is like a bell curve. Too much disclosure scares people off and makes them nervous. Too little disclosure doesn’t give others enough information about the person to form a relationship with him or her. I. Communication : The process of transmitting thoughts or ideas from one person to another. P.240 II. A. A Basic Interpersonal Communication Model : ++ Perceptual Screen : A window through which we interact with people that influences the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the communication. Communication breaks down because the intended meaning of the sender could not correctly perceived by the receiver. P. 1 Channel : - Verbal - Non-verbal - Written Sender ++ (Perceptual screens) Encodes (Idea / data formed here) Message Decodes (Interpret the message) Receiver (Perceptual screens) Feedback
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B. Reflective Listening: It is the skill of carefully listening to another person and repeating back to
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Ch.8 - Chapter 8 Communication Learning Points 1...

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