Ch.9 - Chapter 9 Work Teams& Groups Learning Points 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Work Teams & Groups Learning Points: 1. Work groups and teams are important vehicles through which organizations achieve high-quality performance. 2. The manager establishes criteria for evaluating the performance effectiveness of the team, as well as the individuals, being supervised. This involves useful and timely performance feedback to teams that carries a sense of equity and fairness with it. The manager’s responsibilities are different from those of the team leader. 3. Increasing globalization requires team leaders to be skilled at forging teamwork among diverse individuals, whereas managers must be skilled at forging collaboration among diverse groups. 4. Look for mutual goals and values, or even a common enemy. Make sure common enemies are outside the company and not a person or group with whom it is important to have a collaborative relationship. I. What is a “Group”? P.274 A group refers to two or more people with common interests, objectives and continuing interaction. It is often composed of diverse (different) people. It emphasizes on individual leadership, individual accountability and individual work products. II. What is a “Team”? It is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common mission, performance goals, and approach. It emphasize on shared leadership, mutual accountability, and collective work products. A team in an organization is a key to enhance quality and achieve success....
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Ch.9 - Chapter 9 Work Teams& Groups Learning Points 1...

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