Ch.10 - Chapter 10 The Decision Making by Individuals and...

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Chapter 10 The Decision Making by Individuals and Groups Learning Points: 1. Individuals decisions are not independent, solitary events. Instead they are closely connected to previous decisions and are influenced by the process that brought the decision point to a head. 2. Although decision making at very high levels is frequently characterized as a lonely individual struggle, decision making is also a social process. Decision making involves information sharing and interdependence among organization members. The manager’s job is to determine the best way to solve a given problem by assessing what information and what players need to be involved. 3. Utilizing groups to make decisions involves more time but results in greater acceptance of the decision and more likelihood of successful implementation. However, employees are not always aware of the broader contingencies their managers face. Sharing the rationale behind decisions is a way to develop employees. Managers do not have to use employee suggestions but they do have to explain why they didn’t use them. I. A. Decision making is a critical activity in the lives of managers. The decisions a manager faces can range from very simple, routine matters for which the manager has an established decision role (programmed decisions) to new and complex decisions that require creative solutions (nonprogrammed decisions) . P.1
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B. The Decision-Making Process : P.307, Fig 10.1 *** The success of an organization depends on managers’ abilities to make effective decisions . An effective decision is timely, is acceptable to the individuals affected by it, and meets the desired objective. P.2
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Ch.10 - Chapter 10 The Decision Making by Individuals and...

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