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Dimensions of Cultural Differences in Societies that affect Work – related Attitudes Geert Hofstede’s dimensions of National Culture Surveyed on 160,000 managers & employees of IBM who were working in 60 different countries. Masculinity vs Femininity Individualism vs Collectivism 1 - “Tough” Value - People are demanding - Men should take dominant role - Women should be caring - Men should be assertive, competitive & decisive - Money, material, performance & achievement are heavily counted exp.: Japan, Austria, U.S.A. - “Tender Value” - Concern about relation - Concern about others - Help others - Stress on quality of life exp.: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherland Vs - People look after their own interest - Define themselves through personal characteristics & achievements - Highlight on a person’s right exp.: U.S.A., Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand Vs - Stress on group value & welfare - exp.: Colombia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Peru, Japan, Mexico, Greece, Hong Kong
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Hofstede_s_National_Culture - Dimensions of Cultural...

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