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CHM 3120 Exam 3 (Form Code A) November 18, 2010 Instructions: On your scantron sheet enter your name, UF ID number (start on the first space and leave the last space blank), and Form Code (see above). This exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions each worth 10 points for a total maximum of 200 pts. You may retain your exam sheet. Turn in only the scantron. Bubbling errors of any kind will count as an incorrect response. 1. Which of the following statements is not true? (1) Electrons flow from the negative terminal of a battery. (2) An oxidizing agent gives up electrons in a redox reaction. (3) A standard reduction potential can be deduced from its potential vs. a SCE (4) The left hand electrode in a galvanic cell is attached to the negative terminal of the potentiometer. 2. Calculate the free energy change ( Δ G) for the following cell: Cu/Cu +2 (0.020M) // Ag + (0.020M)/Ag Ag + + e - Ag E o = 0.799V Cu +2 + 2e - Cu E o = 0.337V 1) -45.0 KJ (2) -79.5 KJ (3) -89.5KJ (4) -40.0 KJ (5) other 3. All of the following are true except: (1) Ion selective electrode operation is not based on redox processes. (2) The junction potential poses a fundamental limitation on the accuracy of a potentiometric measurement. (3) The voltage of a pH electrode changes by about 0.059/2 volts per pH unit change. (4) As fluoride solution concentration increases, the potential of a F - selective electrode decreases. 4. For the titration of 25 mL of 0.050 M Sn +2 with 0.100 M Fe +3 in 1 M HCl using a Pt electrode and a calomel reference electrode, what is the potential after 15 mL of titrant has been added? Fe
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KEY+Form+A+Exam+3++3120+2010 - CHM 3120 Exam 3 (Form Code...

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