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pts - Because d Record the total customers and then record...

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CIS 3380 (White/Jetton) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database FROM: _ My Name is ??? ___________ Socre /50 Gr% _______ pts): Task 6: Answers: a. Pivot Table #2: " NrVisitsByIncomeGender&AgeGroup " & Analysis b. What was the Total # of Visits that we got: ______________ c. WHY is this # exactly what we did earlier in the exercise?
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Unformatted text preview: Because: ????? d. Record the total # customers and then record the # of males & females in the chart on page 1 (right most 3 columns) e. PASTE the Pivot Chart outlined in Task 6/Step 6 below <Here is my Cool Looking Pivot Chart that you are Very Proud Of>...
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