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Soc Approach to Articles - o Abstract–– Concrete(Ie...

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Soc 2/5 05/02/2008 15:27:00 Recommended Reading Order for Scholarly Articles 1. Abstract 2. Conclusion–-Take Notes (each paragraph): 1 st  Sentence 2 nd  Sentence Last Sentence 3. Introduction–-Trace technical terms 4. Lit Rev 5. Historical Background [optional] 6. Data (meat of article) Operationalization
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Unformatted text preview: o Abstract–– Concrete (Ie: capacity of whites to counteract Civil Rights movement–– kkk org.) o (-)X1 Increase–– Y Decreases / X2 Increases–– Y Increase 7. Summarize Article 8. Underline Keys 05/02/2008 15:27:00 9. 05/02/2008 15:27:00 10....
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