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CIS 3380 (Jetton/White) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database *Last Updated 8/30/2011* Task 2: Create a Summary Query (best practices - in Design Mode/View): 1. Click Create then Query Design (far Right hand side of the Create Ribbon: Other Block) 2. Add/Select ALL the tables 3. TABLE FIELD(s) a. Dates TheDate b. Customers CustomerID, Gender, Birthdate, AnnualIncome c. Stores StateProvince d. Facts: Revenue 4. *Optional Query Check: Run your query to verify it works and if you did it correctly, you will have 251,397 records 5. Now turn your detail query into a summary query: a. Click the "Summation Symbol" at the top (far right) of the Query Design screen b. In the New "Totals:" row that appears in the QBE grid, we need to indicate how we want the results of our query to be summarized so that we don't have detail instances but summarized data by our stated criteria. c.
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