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CIS 3380 (Jetton/White) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database *Last Updated 8/30/2011* Task 3: Importing Access Query Results/Data into Excel for further analysis 1. Start Excel 2007 2. Click Tab: Data Group: Get External Data Command: From Access 3. Navigate to the data source (where you have saved your Foodmart4a database with your query) and click “Open”
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Select your query from the list and click OK twice 5. Verify that all 38,635 records made it (plus 1 for the header row/column headings) (38,636) 6. Rename the tab "Data" to make it easy to find/locate 7. Observation : Did you notice what format/style the imported data is in and what features or benefits it offers the savvy Excel user?...
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