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CIS 3380 (Jetton/White) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database *Last Updated 8/30/2011* Task 4: Work The Data: We are going to create Age Groupings! 1. New Field: Enter the phrase "Age" on Row 1 and the 1st column to the right of the data 2. Format time: Right click the "Age" COLUMN, click "Format Cells", Number and then set it to 0 decimal places. Failure to do this properly will generate "strange" numbers 3. Now our formula/function to calculate Age (Row 2 - Cell H2): Enter as you see it below: =Year (Today( ) ) - Year(D2) *Note: Cell D2 is the Customer BirthDate *Note: Magically - we have a calculation for their Age in ALL cells!
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Next, we introduce our age categories: a. Click the Sheet2 tab at the bottom b. Rename it "Age Categories" c. Copy the table below into this tab (Cell A1) *or* Just enter it as is: age group Under 25 25 25 to 44 45 45 to 59 60 60 to 74 75 75+ d. Now we are going to use this table to categorize our data by Age Group e. Go back to the Data Tab and in Column I, enter the header "AgeGroups" f. NOW we need to put the proper Age Group Category value for each row of data that we have. Hints: VLOOKUP Function and remember about absolute cell refs ($) 5. Print the first page of the Excel table in landscape format. (Deliverable #2)...
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