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CIS 3380 (Jetton/White) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database *Last Updated 8/30/2011* Task 5: Create a Pivot Table to Summarize our Data (Round 1) 1. Select any single cell of the data on the Data Tab 2. Click Tab: Insert Group: Tables Command: Pivot Table Click: OK (defaults) 3. On the resulting worksheet tab, construct the Pivot Table as follows: a. Row: AnnualIncome b. Column: Age Group c. Report Filter: Gender d. Values: SumOfRevenue *Note the function: Sum (which is the default) e. Changes to Make for the "Summarize Value" we are seeing: e.i. Change the statistic for "SumOfRevenue" from Sum to Avg. e.ii. Format this field to be the Currency Style e.iii. Sequence (Sort) the Grand Total column data Descending (high to low) 4. Observe what we have created: Avg Revenue per day (visit) by customer and categorized by both their Income Category and Age Group. Hint: Grand Total/Grand Total is $??.58) 5. Observe the Pivot Table summarized/averaged data (Ignoring the Row with your Name):
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Unformatted text preview: a. IDENITFY (Highlight) the top 3 age/income groups that have the Highest Average Spend per Visit (use the “fill color” icon) b. IDENTIFY (Highlight) the bottom 3 age/income groups that have the Lowest Average Spend per Visit (use the “fill color” icon) c. Put a legend in the document that showcases your colors & contents d. Record BOTH sets of observations/facts into the Word Document Answer Template (Task 5) 6. Print Setup (for the Pivot Table) a. Make it print on one single sheet of paper (portrait) 1x1 b. Header: Date in Left, an Appropriate Title in the Center and YOUR name on the left c. Center Horizontally 7. Rename this Pivot Table worksheet tab to be AvgRevenuePerVisitByIncome&AgeGroup 8. Save the file so as to not lose any of your hard work Once finished, PRINT this is as Deliverable 3....
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