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CIS 3380 (Jetton/White) Assignment #1 – Fall, 2011 Mining Business Intelligence From a Large Operational Database *Last Updated 8/30/2011* Task 6: Create Pivot Table #2 to Summarize Data Again (Round 2): # of Visits by Gender. .. 1. Go back to the Data Tab and re-select any single cell of the data 2. Create another pivot table like you did above only this time we want slightly different information: We want to know the # of visits and categorized by Income Group & Age BUT we want this information to showcase the # of Male .vs. Female shoppers! Hints: a. It is OK to have multiple fields in the Row or Column zones (Col flds are easier IMO) b. You are going to need to change the default Values field function from Sum to Count c. Observation: What was the Total # of visits and what does that relate to? d. HINT: total/total is ??,635) 3. Rename this tab NrVisitsByIncomeGender&AgeGroup
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Unformatted text preview: and format it to print just like Task5/Step 6 above! 4. Print this Pivot Table as Deliverable # 4) 5. To make the analysis easier, highlight the SAME highest & Lowest groups that you did in Task 5/Step 5 above in the NEW pivot table so as to easily identify/see the gender mix of these groupings. In the end, you will have a total of 6 clusters of data highlighted and have highlighted BOTH the # of males, females and totals 6. Record your answers in the word document template table (right most 3 columns) 7. Turn your Pivot Table data into a Pivot Chart (you pick the chart type that best depicts the data and label it properly) PLUS put it on a separate tab called "StoreVisitorChart" and Paste it into your answer template sheet document (Deliverable 5) 8. Print Setup (for this Pivot Table) JUST like Task 5/Step6 above...
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