1) Hello World

1) Hello World - Repurposing an HP Calculator Lab : Hello...

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Unformatted text preview: Repurposing an HP Calculator Lab : Hello World Computer Science and Computer Engineering Gateway Project Stephen A. Edwards Fall Abstract In this project, you will write new rmware for an HP b calculator. is is an example of embedded programmingcoding so ware for something that does not, and should not, appear to be a computer in the traditional sense, yet is one at its core. e plummeting cost of integrated circuits has made such embedded systems ubiquitous, and this trend promises to continue. e challenges of designing such systems run the gamut from traditional electrical issues such as sensor noise and power consumption all the way to high-level com- puter science problems such as e cient algorithm design to human factors engineering. You will experience all of these, and learn some standard solutions, while performing this project. Introduction In , over ten billion processor chips were manufactured and sold more than one for every human on earth. While we are all fa- miliar with the heavily marketed high-end Intel and processors residing within our desktop and notebook computers, these repre- sent only about two percent of the total. e rest are so-called em- bedded processors residing in familiar objects such as cell phones and players, but many end up in far less likely places such as cars, televisions, players, and toys. Once, I even found a micro- processor in my breakfast cereal. ese things are everywhere, and somebody has to program them. In this project, you will do some embedded programming by creating new rmware for the b calculator (Figure ). Unlike most consumer products, this one was opened by : they provide schematics and a so ware development kit, so it is fairly straight- forward to turn this calculator into something it wasnt originally designed to be. For example, I turned it into a serial terminal in- tended as a remote control for low-cost power distribution systems designed for third world countries. e b e b is little more than a keyboard and liquid crystal display ( ) connected to an Atmel processor. is mouth- ful of a name, which I will abbreviate to , was given to it be- cause it is part of Atmels series of chips, which are all built around an processor core ( is for Atmel; is smart Michael arr. Real men program in C. Embedded System Design , August st, . http://www.embedded.com/columns/barrcode/218600142 . Xbox mini games in Apple Jacks cereal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUNsQFG_5Pk Prof. Vijay Modi of the mechanical engineering department is spearheading such a project. See http://modi.mech.columbia.edu/ ....
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1) Hello World - Repurposing an HP Calculator Lab : Hello...

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