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chem 106 #1 - processed tuna This finding would help to...

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Nolan Bradshaw Chem 106 Macedone Writing assignment #1 Section # 2 244 words Fish My elemental composition choice would be fish, mostly because it is one of my main choices of meat to eat. From chemistry I have learned that there are amounts of mercury and selenium in fish. Mercury poisoning is very dangerous, but most don’t think of getting it from fish. This makes me wonder what levels of mercury is a person aloud to intake without it being toxic. Depending on the fish it will depend on the level of mercury found, but in some there are potent amounts and it would be to someone’s advantage to know which ones are safe. To help for the comparison it would be easier to take samples of fish from the water and samples from already
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Unformatted text preview: processed tuna. This finding would help to know what amounts are tolerable for someone to intake or what the chances are for someone getting sick from mercury poisoning. Selenium is also an element that is commonly found in fish. Although it is not as toxic as mercury, from a quick Wikipedia study, high amounts of it can in fact be toxic. This may be more unlikely but it would still be interesting to know the amounts of selenium in different fish and what is tolerable. Knowing the elemental composition of some of the most common eaten fish could help people be more cautious about their fish intakes and also be safer....
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