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Nolan Bradshaw Section 2 Word count: 242 Metallurgy writing assignment Copper minerals are found mixed in the ground with other ores such as bornite and malachite. Theses ores are found all over the world in both igneous and sedimentary rock. In order to economically turn this mixed ore into pure copper, the composition of copper must be at least 2% or 5 kilograms of copper per ton of ore. To extract the ore either an underground mine or an open pit mine are utilized. The ore is crushed, ground and concentrated by a process called froth flotation. Copper minerals are picked up by bubbles of foam and then skimmed off. Pyrometallurgy is utilized in roasting and smelting to turn copper minerals into metal.
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Unformatted text preview: The product is 99# copper. Electrometallurgy is then used to refine the copper to make a 99.9% metal. Sometimes sulfuric acid will be used to dissolve the copper. If pyrometallurgy is used it will require large amounts of energy and pollution is always a result. The open pit mines also take up large amounts of land and alter the landscape. Copper is used much more often in our society then one would realize. We use it in money, wires, and computing, plumbing, electrical work. Of course there is going to be a downside in the process of getting copper, just like there is to everything. But copper resources have become essential and we should utilize all the resources in our environment....
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