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189:101 Review Sheet Exam I Fall 2008 Review Session : October 2; bring specific questions Exam I : October 7; bring multiple pens &/or pencils, arrive early to class, sit every other seat, place books, bags, etc. under seat, turn sound off on all noise-making devices. Materials : Textbook Chapters 1-4; Articles by Carey (1975), Carbaugh (1998), & Rezendes (1998). Test Type : 10-20 questions; question types include multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the- blank, definition, short answer, short essay. For studying, focus more on notes from class, however material from course readings will be on the exam. Major Topic Areas : 3. Be able to define & explain Carey’s (1975) definition of communication, which is a
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Unformatted text preview: social constructionist or constitutive definition of communication 4. Role of culture in communication – see Carbaugh (1998) article/discussion of it 5. History of communication field, particularly its origins 6. Majors models of communication from Aristotle to Watzlawick, Beavin & Jackson – be able to explain/understand each & note changes in evolution of models 7. Animal/human communication – similarities, modes & functions 8. Gregory Bateson – frame analysis 9. Major points of Rezendes’ chapters 10. Be able to tie all of above/what we’ve learned so far into an overall, comprehensive view of communication...
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