Tips for Exam - HA 100 Exam Advice(1st Exam Practical Info...

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HA 100: Exam Advice (1 st Exam) Practical Info: This is my knowledge of the exam as of Sunday; I’ll send you updates if I learn anything further. On the exam you will be responsible for lectures, sections, and readings up to but NOT including those of the week of the exam, “Figures, Bodies, Nudes.” The exam will last 50 minutes, including the time to distribute the prompt, and you’ll have 4 questions to answer. Each question will be in reference to a comparison of two artworks up on the screen. The questions may include quotations shown in lecture or the readings. For this exam, at least, the questions will be arranged in terms of the weekly themes, so there won’t be cross-theme questions (though illusionism and abstraction are often closely linked, of course). Practical Advice: You won’t have a lot of time per question, but this doesn’t mean you should just write down whatever you remember about the artwork. Take the time to read the question, underlining the key parts that indicate what you need to have in your answer. Then take a minute or so to organize your ideas in response to the question (make a quick outline: jot down your key points so you don’t forget them, and so that you can order them in a coherent manner). When you have a comparison, try to spend equal time on each artwork.
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Tips for Exam - HA 100 Exam Advice(1st Exam Practical Info...

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