IRWIN 9e 3_102

IRWIN 9e 3_102 - Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis,...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 3.11:: Find It. in the nclwnrk in Fig. Pl] DE using nodal analysis. Figure P3402 SOLUTION: , \ Chapter 3: Nodal and Loop Analysis Techniques Problem 3.102 2 Inlvin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E KCL at Mayan/ode: I‘ #121 fIL+6r~n= I0+Ix \IrVI f \lz-Vs +V4'Vi T T ik = Vs—V» \1 1L 4‘ Ii \I,;\l. + v, v3+ V.,— q. + e = v3-v,, +v3 \‘2V. 1’ ZVI— 3V3+ amp—6| 0V. TOVzT OV31- VLF- QVS- : 6 \IH’ ov,+ 3V5-3VL‘ arvsgo (Wm v11 ov‘3 arm“ avgzo VIT ovzvv“ OVH +ng 1h. — 2v”. 2v1— axis—r241, +Ov5—=-6 \1\-, \OIBV, V1: 4'31V) \/3:- Liv V43, l'éEV)V5-: a?” lay +6m 2" V3’V4_ - 1.2.; L68 ‘ _——I—-———-’ W» 1L 3" Q-BBMA. Problem 3.102 Chapter 3: Nodal and Loop Analysis Techniques ...
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