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134 Detailed Writing Hints HO - Hints PAGE 1 Hints &...

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Hints PAGE 1  Content is more important than form, but you need the form to hold the content.  The most valuable part of the writing process is critical thinking . Avoid logical fallacies!  ALWAYS proofread carefully! Clarity: Makes your writing accessible. Writing is all about communicating ideas. Remember: Be Clear and Concise! Avoid vague references and vague statements for greater clarity. (Ex: What is this? Who is he? Who are they?) Avoid empty phrases and wordiness. (As a matter of fact… needless to say… if it is needless to say, why say it?) (Look for the same words nearby, then combine sentences or condense) (Look for a lot of prepositional phrases, then condense) Use specifics and details. Don’t let your reader get the wrong idea. Always use the best possible word! Avoid the thesaurus…it can’t think, you can. (W/C = wrong word, W/C ? = there is a better word) Citations & Sources: Helps to build credibility. Check the Handbook! Always use a signal phrase or an in-text citation (sometimes BOTH). There needs to be a direct (and consistent) link between the essay and the Works Cited page for easy referencing sources. Use the author’s last name or a shortened version of the article title in quotes for your in-text citation (use numbers to list book pages). Cite and present all facts, statistics etc. consistently. (Check the handbook for the rules on numbers especially. Example: 40% or forty percent but not 40 percent – don’t mix numbers and words, and be consistent). If you aren’t sure if it is general knowledge, cite it anyway to be safe. Don’t use … (elipses) at the start of a partial quote. If we see a capital, it’s a whole sentence. If the quote completes your sentence we know it. The “… is outdated”.  Always use
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134 Detailed Writing Hints HO - Hints PAGE 1 Hints &...

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