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134 Essay Format - last sentences and your thesis statement In addition a topic sentence(which is usually the first or second sentence of each

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Your Name Ms. Jan Zahn English 134 - XX Essay Number or Assignment Name and Draft Number Date Finished Center Your Interesting and Unique Title We will be following a modified MLA format for Essays. In general, the entire MLA paper should be double-spaced. Your essay should have an exciting hook to grab the reader, with an informative and interesting introduction. Usually your introduction will have a strong thesis statement, though sometimes you will choose to put your thesis elsewhere, and sometimes it will be implied rather than explicit. The rest of your essay should contain body paragraphs that provide organized support for your thesis, and you should finish your essay with a powerful concluding paragraph. The three most important sentences in your essay are usually the first and
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Unformatted text preview: last sentences, and your thesis statement. In addition, a topic sentence (which is usually the first or second sentence of each paragraph) can work as a guide (signpost) to inform the reader of that paragraph’s contents. Each paragraph should cover only one main idea. Also, don’t forget to use transitions to avoid abrupt shifts. Each paragraph should conclude with a strong concluding statement. Be sure that you number your pages (starting on page two with your last name and the page number) in the upper right hand corner using the header/footer option. MLA style requires the last name and number on page one, but it is not necessary and looks untidy. Check the box that says “different first page” to eliminate the heading on page one. Good luck, and happy writing!...
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