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Engl 134 Fall 2010 Organizing Your Writing In Search of Form Everything has a form. In writing, the goal is to find a form that suits your subject and purpose. Strong organization helps you and your reader by 1) offering you guidance and direction as you explore your ideas and 2) helping readers see how various parts of your paper relate to each other and to your unifying purpose. If readers sense that you are in control, that you know where you're going and how you'll get there, they are more likely to come along than if you appear to lack direction and purpose. The Whole and Its Parts Effective organization requires you to see your subject as a whole and as a system of interrelated parts . As you move from a broad overview to a close-up look at an individual detail, you need to see, and let your reader see, how the two levels are related. Analysis refers to dividing a whole into parts. Synthesis refers to the process of constructing a whole from an assortment of pieces. Consider whether you're breaking a whole into parts or constructing a unified vision from individual components. Neither way of seeing is better, and both
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