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Engl 134 Fall 2010 Grading : Worry over grades takes the focus away from effective writing. Instead of stressing about your grade, follow these suggestions to earn a reasonable and fair assessment of your work: Follow all assignment guidelines and criteria. Be aware of your audience, but always use your voice and your ideas. Think critically and write with passion, purpose, and power. Take risks - make your writing interesting and worth reading. Truly revise: re-thinking and re-working will always improve your essays. Edit your work for clarity and precision - presentation does matter. Turn in all your assignments on time, participate in class activities, and ask questions. Important Note: Letter grades do not and cannot reflect the amount of time, effort, or sincerity a student puts into a given assignment, nor do grades serve as judgments of a student’s intelligence, character, or human worthiness. They aim only to locate the intellectual and stylistic quality of university work on a scale of
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